Our staff has a long history in handling project cargoes. We realize that to transport overweight/oversized machinery using local highway system is a true challenge. However, we were appointed as official forwarder for more than twenty remarkable projects and we are proud of our achievements. We not only offer port-to-site service but also the package service of “overseas-factory-to-local-site”. Appended below are some distinguished constructions whose building materials/equipment were delivered to site via our services


         Sofitel Hotel (Transfield as contractor )

         Sheraton Hotel (Transfield, Krueger and Kurihara as contractor)

         Me Linh Point Tower (Kajima as contractor)

         My Thuan Bridge (Baulderstone Hornibrook as contractor)

         VSIP Power Plant……….

         Nghi Son Cement Distribution Station

         Binh Dong Flour Mill